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Music analytics & testing software

Discover music market trends and preferences

NoticeSound has developed technology that provides industry professionals with all the essential tools for collecting and managing music, then testing it with target consumers.

Overloaded with demo submissions? Using multiple methods to store and sort music? Looking for ways to test the market? Our tri-spoke technology covers all that, and more.

Upload. Discover. Test.
Research, made simple.

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What makes our music analytics & testing software special?

Willem Bloem

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NoticeSound’s research technology provides its users with a robust system for managing their music, testing it within specific market segments and then measuring the audience feedback. Created specifically for use within the music and entertainment industries, our purpose-built infrastructure is the perfect platform to conduct market research and discover music with the highest rates of success.

As our research software allows users to test music amongst specifically designed groups, the results effectively replicate market conditions and are able to reliably predict the chances of consumer uptake.

We present an opportunity for you to validate creative decisions with data. This means more calculated, informed choices for your business, marketing, and content strategies. The result is an improvement to your music releases, acquisition decisions and the discovery of trends and potential hits.

NoticeSound comes from a small, dedicated research team, whose proactive development approach has resulted in unique software, underpinned by cutting-edge technology. As a result, we are well-positioned to quickly react to both change and opportunity within an ever-changing industry.

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Who we are?

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