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Upload, Test, Discover. Quality mark for tracks

NoticeSound’s technology offers a unique way to discover how existing/new tracks will perform. Our software interacts with real listeners so you know how your tracks perform into different markets. It applies an algorithm to create a composite score that assesses how tracks will be received by specific audiences.

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Understand fans

Use our Upload System to send your tracks and receive a quality mark on each of your tracks. You can see how well your tracks perform into specific audiences. Your tracks are send from our Upload System and are available via our app, you reach new fans and discover your perfect audience

Discover talent

Access thousands of rated artists and tracks. Our system categorises tracks based on data to identify the best talent, see the different quality marks and discover the next big hit and understand the true market potential of a track

Market your tracks

Use our detailed insights when marketing your tracks on social media, with promoters, festival organisers and recruiters. Understand which track to choose as a your best track, find your niche and reach the fans that you want

Quality mark

Our system uses a representative set of real listeners to rate new tracks. On top of that, we use an algorithm to make it representative, remove bias and ensure the ratings are rigorous for your market

Get signed by a label

The tracks that receive a high rating by our listeners are showcased to music professionals. Music professionals can get in touch with you and you have better negotiation power. Get access to the most important artist recruiters, studios, publicists and labels

Maximise revenues

Our knowledge of listener socio/demographics, habits and purchase behaviour will help you maximise revenue. Understand your market, target your advertising and spot cross-sell opportunities

Grow your fanbase

Our application exposes your tracks to a huge audience of music lovers and trend setters. New fans will be able to follow you and keep in touch via social media and regular updates

Manage new tracks

Let our Music Management System manage your content. Store tracks in a single location, share with other team members and commission targeted research