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NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of analysing testing and measuring audience feedback for music content in real-time by employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents users with suggestions based on their individual feedback. The music content needs to be analysed quickly which is mostly audio input such as music and soundtracks. With this technology as a backbone, we aim to develop custom audience feedback solutions for festivals, music venues, broadcast media, record companies, and more, through a white label interface.

Music data collected are analysed, providing the opportunity to make more calculated informed decisions concerning your business, product, marketing and content strategy. This could help you to improve your acquisition channels, broadcast time and discover hits & trends in your industry. With the technology already in place, NoticeSound can focus on developing the ideal solution to interact with any audience.

NoticeSound is created by a small, nimble team of dedicated members whose proactive development approach aims to ensure that the infrastructure remains robust and cutting edge, and able to react quickly to changes and opportunities.

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