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Executive Summary:

NoticeSound provides an integrated system for managing all your tracks in one place. Our system allows you to view and listen
to tracks that artists have uploaded. Tracks that have potential can be shared internally and discussed with colleagues. You
can then construct campaigns to test how the tracks will be received using carefully chosen audiences. The whole system is
designed to be simple and easy to manage, allowing you to streamline the process of artist recruitment.


When Willem Bloem, our founder, wished to discover the talent that matters after watching a TV talent show, he was surprised by what he found. He heard how tracks are often released based on subjective decisions made internally and without the benefit of audience research. He discovered that the process was slow, with demos submitted as SoundCloud links via email and with artist and track details manually entered in spreadsheets.

NoticeSound was founded because we want to help you discover the tracks that suit your organisation. Our aim is to match the artist with the music professional and optimize the process of going from demo to new hit. Our experience in research technology allowed us to develop a system to manage your tracks and to help with testing of new tracks before you


NoticeSound consists of a small dedicated team of researchers who work with music professionals to develop cutting edge solutions for managing tracks and audience testing. We offer three software components that can be integrated into your organisation.

The Upload Portal allows artists to upload their own tracks and to provide biographical and related details. All the tracks are then sent to your Track Management System.

The Track Management System is designed to streamline the process of track selection and decrease the risk in artist investments. You are able to collect all the tracks in a single location, accept or reject them and review biographical details about the artist. This helps you select the tracks that match your organisation and reduces the time you need to discover
the next hit.


  • Manage all your tracks in one place
  • Capture consistent biographical information about each artist including details of social media, musical influences and future expectations
  • Test tracks with carefully selected unbiased target audiences
  • Compare different tracks to see which perform best

The Research Tool allows you to test new tracks with carefully chosen audience groups. You can specify a range of demographics such as age, gender, income, educational level or geographical location as well as musical tastes and their preferences for festivals or live events. The target audience uses our App to give feedback, giving you market insights about the tracks which can help you decide which tracks are worth investing in and which not.

Upload Portal

The Upload portal gives potential artists a single point of contact with your organisation. They can create an account in your customized track portal, complete the questions that you ask and submit their tracks. Uploaded tracks are immediately available in your Track Management System.

After the track is uploaded you are able to capture additional useful information about the artist. This can include details of their social media presence, questions about their musical
motivations and custom questions to check how serious they are about their musical career.

Track Management System (TMS)

Tracks that have been uploaded appear in your Track Management System. The system has been developed in close collaboration with music professionals. Key features include live playback of tracks, search functions, prioritizing and full integration with our research tool.

The system has been designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

You are able to bring up a list of all tracks which you can sort, filter and search as needed. On the main screen you see details of the selected track including a media player, artist details and answers to any questions you asked in the Upload Portal. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons to accept or reject a track to help you prioritize when going through all
the tracks. When you reject a track, the artist will receive a notification via e-mail.

Tracks that have been approved are moved to a separate list. This allows you to pre-screen tracks and to focus on those tracks you would like to know the potential of. You can use our
app to share these tracks with your inner circle or colleagues, listen to the tracks in more detail and decide whether to add them to a market testing campaign.

Full Integration and Customisation

  • Our Upload Portal is designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated into your own website. This allows you to add your own logo and questions.
  • You are able to fully customize the questions you ask potential artists, and are able to see the questions that other artist recruiters have set.
  • You can choose whether to ask simple yes/no questions, multiple choice questions or
    open-ended questions.

Market Research

We know that in the music industry experience and gut instinct count for a lot, but we also believe that the more detail you know about your audience for a new track, the more successful it will be. Our campaign tool allows you to test tracks on different audiences and, importantly, allows you to make direct comparisons between tracks to assist you in making
your decision. You can create a campaign in minutes and see full results within a day.

This enables you to see detailed information on the potential success in your chosen audience, and to get the most out of your marketing budget by precise targeting of adverts. The audience information can also influence bookers for live events because you can show the artist’s potential for specific festival audiences.

One key difference between this and data from social media or streaming providers is that we guarantee that the target audience you choose is representative. All our campaigns are
independently verified by a major international survey and research organisation. They ensure that our methodology is robust and that the results are of high quality statistically. You are able to conduct our campaigns in 45 different countries worldwide.

Setting up a campaign is incredibly easy. Simply give it a name, add tracks from your shortlist by dragging and dropping, and even add existing tracks using our import function. Then specify the audience you would like to test with. We offer a wide range of demographics which allow you to precisely target the research. Results will come back to you within hours and you can see them in detail in the Track Management System.

NoticeSound Testing App

We have developed a simple and intuitive app that allows our test audience to judge the new track in an unbiased fashion, awarding it a score from 0 to 5. We have access to a large pool
of listeners globally. Listeners who sign up provide detailed personal information. This is used to match them against your campaign requirements.

Listeners who match the demographic you have chosen are asked to listen to the track and rate it. Initially they see no details such as the track and artist name. This ensures there is no
unconscious bias in their assessment. After they have listened and rated it, they are able to see full details such as the name of the artist and the title of the song.

Selecting the audience

We have access to a large pool of listeners who are recruited via multiple channels.

  • New users of our test app answer a set of questions that allow us to remove any bias from the sample.
  • During recruitment we capture key details relating to demographics and musical tastes.
  • We take the key demographics you specify and use these to select a representative sample audience from the pool of listeners.

This process ensures audiences are a statistically representative sample, and this is independently verified by a third party organisation.

Giel Beelen Use Case

Giel Beelen is a well-known DJ and TV personality in the Neth-
erlands, with shows including Serious Request, Giel’s Talen-
tenjacht and Onstage.

For his TV show, Singer/Songwriter, Giel Beelen received hundreds of tracks from upcoming artists and talent. Initially he used a spreadsheet to store all of the details. This involved
opening the email, copying all the biographic details of the artist as well as the link to their track. Then having captured all the data he had to manually copy the link into his browser,
download the track and listen to it. This process worked perfectly well, but there was clearly room for improvement.

Giel wanted to have a proper structure for the process and to improve his way of working. Using our Track Management System and Upload Portal, Giel was able to import all the
tracks to a single location. He was then able to test the tracks with audiences that are representative of the TV audience for the show.

Using this approach Giel was able to predict which track from which artist had the greatest potential. This in turn allowed him to ensure he picked the tracks from artists that would
most influence the people watching his TV show.

Customised solutions

Our systems integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

  • The Upload Portal is a stand alone module that can be embedded into your existing website. This can be branded as you require.
  • The Track Management System can work with existing track databases and is designed to offer a simple interface to view and assess all tracks.

However our App is free from obvious branding in order to ensure the listeners remain unbiased.


NoticeSound’s research and track management technology was created specifically for use within the music and entertainment industries. Our purpose-built infrastructure is the perfect platform to conduct market research and discover music with the highest rates of success.

By using our technology, Giel Beelen was able to streamline the process of assessing new tracks and selecting talent for his show, Singer/Songwriter. Our system also gave him an extra data point so he could be confident that the tracks he had selected were the ones with the greatest potential for success with his TV audience.

About NoticeSound

NoticeSound comes from a small, dedicated research team, whose proactive development approach has resulted in unique software, underpinned by cutting-edge technology. We collaborate with leading artist recruiters, record labels, artists and bands.