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Customisable Upload Portal

Collect music with a centralised submission tool

Our Upload Portal is a powerful tool for collecting music, hassle-free. With a personal login, customisable interface and a simple upload process, the NoticeSound portal is ideal for centralising music input across a variety of sources. Simply choose the required data fields and let us build supporting statistics and reports to make your work easier.

Upload Portal Features

Revolutionising Music Submissions


    Each portal user is provided with their own login credentials and a personalised platform to direct music towards. All submissions are kept within your own space, meaning they’re secure and available to you whenever suits. As you can login to the portal via desktop, tablet or mobile, it’s easy to access your tracks whenever you might need to review or show them off.


    Uploading music via the portal couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the required data fields (that you choose ahead of time), then attach an .mp3 or .wav file and hit enter. As soon as the file is sent, the music is waiting for you within the portal, accessible via your unique login.


    The easy accessibility of music, means initial impressions are everything. We designed a system that understands exactly that. With NoticeSound, when users upload a song via the portal, they have the chance to show off a thirty second snippet of their track, for special attention. Artists can choose the hook, a riff or any other notable part of the song that best represents their sound.

Upload Portal Benefits

How we address industry issues


Being overwhelmed by unsolicited demos can be a real issue. We recognise that both record companies and individuals within the industry can feel forced to hide their business address and email contact to prevent being overloaded. By providing users with a central platform to send new music, we help unclog your inbox and post-tray. We also personalise each portal too, so it comes matched to your brand identity.



For every fifty dud demos you receive, you know that one could be a golden ticket. When managing large volumes of new music, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. The upload portal removes this issue entirely by making sure all submissions are categorised appropriately, in a format that suits your style of work.


As uploads require artists to input data about their music, it’s easy to review the incoming info and gain insight into the market your business operates within. For example, if most submissions don’t match your desired markets, this could indicate the utility of a marketing review.


When artists upload music via the portal, you can also request links to social media accounts. Information regarding an artist’s media presence becomes available at your fingertips, leaving you time to focus on other tasks. For existing artists, these to-hand marketing figures can be of huge benefit to strategy.

More Upload Portal Features

Revolutionising Music Submissions


    Technology is at the heart of what we do. Data is our game and when an upload is made via the portal, we can generate a lot of it. As social data is input at upload, pie charts, bar graphs and data tables can all be provided to assist in your decision making.


    You also have the option to access and download your data from the cloud. This can be segmented and filtered to your choosing, to best reflects your business needs.


    Within the portal you have the freedom to create channels and organise different group sets that closely align with your business intentions. As the portal is so easy to navigate, we turn raw data into usable information that can be directly used to support your business.