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Whether you are in advertising, media or music publishing, our software will help improve your workflow and give you new insights into your tracks. Our music management system streamlines your portfolio of tracks, simplifying the process of sharing and getting opinions. Commission custom research and gain insights into new artists. Or use our detailed research to discover new tracks that have been rated by our intelligent algorithms and extensive panel of music lovers.

Create playlists

Use our technology to choose the playlist for your next gig. Find the tracks that will resonate with the live audience.

Identify the perfect track

Our research will identify the perfect new track for your marketing campaign, segmenting by audience type, tastes and even location.

Manage your portfolio

Manage all your tracks in one place with our intuitive software. Upload tracks, share with your team, record your opinions and notes.

Get detailed insights

We use our panel of music lovers to accurately assess the potential of every track by means of machine learning and demographics.

Generate custom top 10s

Using our white-label app you can get your listeners to rate your playlists and generate your own custom top 10 chart.

Enable intelligent live votes

Enhance audience participation in your reality show by using our white-label app to enable interactive live voting.