From sales partner to investor

by Willem Bloem on 14. September 2018

From Sales partner to investor


NoticeSound and New Sales Ventures are pleased to announce a significant investment from New Sales Ventures as part of the latest funding round. New Sales Ventures is the investment part of New Sales Company a sales & marketing company founded in 2008.

New Sales Company and NoticeSound first joined forces after partner Thomas Brouwers met with the NoticeSound founder, Willem Bloem. He was interested in NoticeSound’s unique technology, which streamlines the process of selecting tracks and predicts the potential of a track before release. He wanted to bring their unique approach to sales and marketing to the table and a successful partnership was born.

New Sales specialises in creating B2B sales opportunities & marketing, operating as a member of the team and reaching out to potential customers that were previously impossible to connect with. Since working with them, NoticeSound has been able to sign deals with a number of customers, including labels, publishers, research, TV, and radio stations that are headquartered in the Netherlands.

When New Sales Ventures heard about NoticeSound’s latest investment round they saw a good match and were keen to get on board. This investment marks the start of a new strategic partnership between NoticeSound and New Sales Ventures. They believe strongly in NoticeSound’s technology, and this gives them a chance to demonstrate that belief.

NoticeSound is expanding their core business from providing music management software to providing detailed data about music audience research using their unique technology. New Sales Company will help to grow the B2B market for this new business line. They will concentrate on generating sales and will work closely with a social media strategy to create compelling marketing campaigns. This will allow NoticeSound to focus on what they do best: creating technology that revolutionises the music industry.


Willem Bloem Notice Sound +31(0) 683536289


Thomas Brouwers New Sales Venture +31 (0)650232286

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