Operations Manager (full-time)

by Willem Bloem on 27. November 2018

Operations Manager (full-time)


NoticeSound is looking for an operations manager (full-time) with a competitive spirit to join our team in Amsterdam!

NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of interacting and measuring audience feedback for (music) content in real-time. By employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents artists with suggestions based on feedback. With this technology as a backbone, we aim to develop custom audience feedback solutions for festivals, music venues, broadcast media, record labels, and more, through a white label interface.

The collected data is quickly analysed, providing the opportunity to make more calculated informed decisions concerning business, music, marketing and content strategy. This could help you to improve your tracks, acquisition channels, broadcast time and discover hits & trends in your industry. With the technology already in place, NoticeSound focuses on developing the ideal solution to interact with any audience.


You will work closely with the owner of NoticeSound and collaborate together on the strategy of NoticeSound. The focus will mostly be to structure the business internally which includes hiring new staff members, main contact person of suppliers (mostly legal & accounting), planning of current projects, support and purchase. One of your core activities in the future will become to makewhat i preparations to investigate other markets (UK & US) and find the right contact persons to expand the business.


▪ Full-time available and living in the Amsterdam area

▪ You have at least 2+ years of experience in the entertainment / music / research branch.

Excellent analytical, communicative and social skills

▪ Organisational, convincing, execution-power and guts

▪ Being able to operate on own initiative and taking the lead

▪ You perfectly write and speak English & Dutch on a business level

▪ Bonus points if you like to discover new music


▪ Opportunity to expand the business to other countries

▪ A chance to become part of a new music data innovation

▪ Being of major value within NoticeSound which will influence our choices for the future

▪ Working in a team of dedicated young members

▪ A compensation depending on experience / education

▪ Working in a fast pacing international/tech environment


Be awesome and send your resume and CV via contact@noticesound.com

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