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We make management a breeze and provide researched data to support your creative decisions.

Whether you’re an A&R, publisher or marketing strategist, our customisable upload portal, management system and testing app can be used to improve your workflow.
NoticeSound helps you to collect and manage your music, then test its success within specifically designed panel groups. Through our comprehensive feedback and reporting functions, you can use our data to discover trends and find what works in your target markets.

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Solution Options

Flexibility to suit your business

The three elements of our software system are most powerful when used together, but we have specifically designed each component to work independently. Our focus is providing the functionality that best suits your business.


Below, you can learn more about the features and benefits of each component, or request a full product demonstration.


Upload Portal Track Management System Testing App
Learn More Learn More Learn More
Secure Login Complete Campaign Management Portable Testing Tool
Simple Upload Process Powerful Segmentation & Filtering Fast Detailed Feedback
30s ’Show Off’ Snippet Feature Detailed Data Reports Suggested User Content
Customisable Interface Contact & Social Media Database Customisable Data Capture
Social Insight Secure Data Storage Hidden Social Status
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Discover hits with our three software solutions

Customisable Upload Portal

NoticeSound’s upload portal is the perfect tool to capture new music. The platform provides artists with a go-to submission area for demos and users can even upload their own music, too.

As well as being customised to match your brand identity, the upload portal offers differing input fields, to give you control over the data you capture. Once designed to your liking, simply publicise the portal link to begin collating.

Artists can fill out their information, upload the music file(s) and be sure it’s reached you. Hiding postal addresses and emails becomes an issue of the past. That also means no overwhelming amounts of music to self-manage and no more trawling through your inbox in search of hidden gems.

With music, social media details and all your preferred contact information sitting directly behind your secure portal login, the NoticeSound upload portal is the first step to efficient music management for industry professionals.

Track Management System

Easily filter and listen to your tracks via our powerful, but user-friendly, Track Management System. For tracks that don’t make the cut, simply review/delete and spend your time working with the music that excites you most.

We understand that professionals work with a unique process, with their own interests and tastes. That’s why the Track Management System is particularly powerful at segmentation and filtering, with a vast array of options for categorising music and interpreting data specific to your own goals.

Once you’re ready, it’s easy to select the tracks you’d like to run a testing campaign with. You’ll soon be able to collate feedback on the tracks from different panel groups and gauge market potential.

Testing App

Most decisions on music are made within the first fifteen seconds. We understand the importance of first impressions and designed the NoticeSound app to take advantage of this.

When using the app, the testing pool is presented with a thirty-second song preview. Users are then given 6 different selection grades and can swipe, using their smart-phones, to give an initial rating. Post-rating, the user is able to listen to the track in its entirety, see further details, and offer a second grade.

Using this method, the NoticeSound app is able to deliver comprehensive insight into consumer preferences and market trends, to those who need it most.

Custom solutions

We also offer bespoke solutions for clients who wish to compare different data sets. For those with existing systems of data management in place, we are often able to create integrated solutions. This way you are able to enjoy the benefits of NoticeSound, while remaining within the parameters of your organisation.