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Track Management System

A powerful music discovery and management tool

Search. Filter. Listen. Test. Review. All using state-of-the-art software.

Able to provide users with detailed market data and thorough consumer insights, the Track Management System provides a solid framework to harness the power of big data. From its campaign creation features to its filtering and reporting capacities, the NoticeSound Track Management System is technology-driven music management software, specifically for industry professionals.

System Features

A new way to manage music


    Select tracks to form part of your research campaigns. You choose which data to record and how to use it. As well as selecting from a wide range of analysis parameters, you can also dictate campaign length. By choosing your own campaign duration, you can effectively control the volume of data generated to best fit your needs.


    Appealing to a niche is essential to the market success of music. If you already know your desired target markets, you can use this information to segment your data to contain only the most relevant. If you don’t, our sophisticated algorithms can provide lead recommendations, specifically tailored to you. See where the most interest lies and automatically create campaign lists targeted in these areas.


    We specialise in data analysis and our powerful NoticeSound technology generates post-campaign reports so that users can visualise the results. For each song, you’ll receive a ‘success rate’ figure, which estimates the probability of success in your chosen market. Add the use of charts, graphs and tables and you can easily spot trends and potential hits with NoticeSound.

System Benefits

Why analyse with NoticeSound?


The ability to search, listen, filter and review makes the track management system ideal for developing a holistic view and informed position on any given artist.

Music, social media, your reviews and our research data, all become available from a central location. This makes understanding an artist’s brand identity that much easier.

Using our system as a hub of artist information means professionals are able to make well-informed acquisition decisions and drastically reduce the chance of missing an artist with big potential.


Our software is designed to discover hits. While artist marketing and longevity are essential, the value of a hit single cannot be overstated. Using our ‘success rate’ feature, professionals are able to make better decisions about which singles to push to market.

For each track tested, our system displays an empirically supported % of probable success, within a given testing group. As this success rate is specifically for a market group the user selects, knowing a track has a high success rate is valuable market insight that can help justify managerial decisions.


Most music industry professionals are required to use multiple programs to manage their workload. Some even rely on their own methods, with no formal system in place. The result is an over-complicated process that requires too much time.

Our track management system has been designed in consideration of this. A central system to store, listen and test music, our NoticeSound software saves you vital time in administration so you can focus your talents on where they’re most impactful.


Big data is the future and its power can be harnessed to improve user interaction.

As the track management system captures values such as age, distance and genre, you are able to make proactive contact with relevant demographics. By using NoticeSound visitor lists you can inform sub-sets of visitors about new content and other, relevant updates.

More System Features

A new way to manage music

A centralised contact database of not only artist material, but also contact details and all social media accounts. By directing submissions here via the upload portal, you create a comprehensive contact database filled with industry potential.

The Track Management System keeps your music database fully secure, as only one user has access. This prevents any issues for record companies who are often limited in regards to content sharing. As you control which music to push to campaigns, you’re always in full control of the output, avoiding music leaks.

The NoticeSound system allows you to effortlessly search through your entire catalog of submitted music. That means no time wasted looking for scraps of paper and more time making effective decisions.