F.A.Q. • NoticeSound


Uploading tracks is completely free. All tracks are assessed by our panels of music lovers and the results are made available to all the studios and artist recruiters who have signed up. For the first track we give you free access to the detailed research insights generated by our system. Subsequent tracks you have to pay a small fee to see the analysis.

Your track will be listened to by a large panel of music lovers who will give it a score based on how much they like it. This data is fed into our machine learning system which will identify how well your track plays with different audiences as well as giving an absolute score that allows you to assess how well it will perform. The detailed analysis can be used to help you market your track to music professionals as well as identifying your core audience.

We have signed up many music professionals from studios and artist recruiters to radio stations and festival organisers. We make all the research insights available to them. They are then able to use these to identify the best new talent, to find tracks that will appeal to new audiences and to understand how to reach the widest audience.

Simply visit the upload portal, sign up and you can upload all your tracks onto our system. Uploading is free, and we will give you basic feedback on your track after it has been analysed by our system. However, we will ask for a small fee to see the detailed insights after your first track.

Experience has taught us that the more information you can provide, the better your profile will appeal to the music professionals who use our detailed insight data. By sharing details of your social media, you are able to give them a real insight into you as an artist and musician. Also, music lovers are encouraged to follow you via our app, thus giving you an ideal way to grow your fan base even before you get signed.

By subscribing to our service, you get access to all the detailed insights from all the new tracks uploaded to our system. You will be able to search by genre, rating or style and will be able to see which tracks perform best. The system will also allow you to find the tracks that have cross-genre appeal or that are especially popular with certain demographics. This will allow you to find new talent, find the ideal tracks for your playlist and even identify tracks for use in commercials and other marketing.

As our system is modular, you are free to pick and choose which elements you want to use. Our Music Management System is available as a stand-alone product, as are the track insights. Of course, since we have designed the systems to work seamlessly together we would strongly encourage you to use both parts.

The full insights service costs from €xyz a month with discounts for those customers who also use our Music Management System. Please speak to one of our sales team to discuss your requirements and to see a demo of the whole package.

Yes, if you have subscribed to our Music Management System you are able to select specific tracks you would like to have assessed. You will be charged a small fee per track and will receive a detailed set of insights into how the track performs, which audiences liked it most and which audiences just don’t like it.

Once you have signed up in the app you will start receiving new tracks to listen to. Having listened to a track we ask you to rate it from 1-5. At first, we ask you to listen to the track without any details about the artist. This allows us to get unbiased scores. After you have rated the track you will be able to see more details, add it to your playlist and follow the artist on social media.

Simply download the app and follow the instructions on screen. During the signup we will ask you various questions that enable us to identify your musical tastes as well as basic information about you. These are then used by our machine learning algorithms to generate the detailed insights that the artists and music professionals can view.

Simply choose to follow any artist you liked listening to. You will then be kept up to date with all the news about them and will be able to listen to future tracks they release.

Unfortunately, the insights are only available for the artists and music professionals. This allows us to make sure that we are getting unbiased feedback via the app.

All your personal data is kept completely secure on our servers and is protected under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Our system is designed so that only anonymised and aggregated data is ever seen by anyone else. Should you wish to find out more, please read our Privacy Policy.