NoticeSound named one of ADE’s 10 Companies to Watch

by Willem Bloem on 02. October 2018

NoticeSound named one of ADE’s 10 Companies 2 Watch

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) inaugurated their annual 10 Companies 2 Watch (10C2W) competition in 2016. ADE has been running for over 20 years and is the biggest expo and festival for electronic music in the world. The ADE 10C2W competition is intended to “celebrate the very best new ideas relating to the music industry.” Specifically, they look for ideas that “can make a genuine difference to the future of the music and entertainment industries.”

The 10C2W competition invites entries from all over the world. These are whittled down to the 10 best ideas that the ADE judging panel believe have the ability to transform the music industry. On the day of the competition, each company on the shortlist is invited to give a 5-minute pitch to the judges and the best idea is chosen as the outright winner. Judging the 2017 competition were Amy Sorokas, Director Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft’s Brand Studio, Carly Renwarin, Head of Marketing, Communications & Ticketing at Paradiso and John Acquaviva of Plus8 Equity and IT.

NoticeSound entered the 2017 competition to help showcase their technology to global music industry professionals. They knew their music management technology was good, but they also knew they would be up against some tough competition at such a prestigious event. NoticeSound’s software suite is designed to help artist recruiters and studios to receive and manage new demo tracks using the Music Management System. The tracks can then be tested against different audiences using the NoticeSound App. This allows music professionals to streamline the process of discovering new talent and lets them improve their success rate within the different segments of the market.

NoticeSound were extremely proud to make it through to the top 10 companies and to be named as one of ADE’s 10 Companies 2 Watch in 2017. For any small company, receiving this sort of recognition is important and proves that their ideas are genuine game-changers. In the relatively conservative music world, such recognition is all the more important.

This year NoticeSound have entered the competition again and hope that their latest ideas will prove good enough to win outright. They are also looking to meet with like-minded companies who believe that the music business can be revolutionised with modern technology. If you would be interested in meeting with NoticeSound to discuss potential partnerships, please reach out to their CEO, Willem Bloem (

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