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About us

Our passion for music drives our passion for technology.

NoticeSound was founded to revolutionise how to discover the talent that matters. We have developed technology and collect data to assist you at every stage from discovering and objectively assess tracks with market research. From managing tracks to gaining unique insights with the use of the engagement of music lovers.


We are a dedicated and professional team of experts. Our proactive approach for creating custom solutions combines cutting-edge technology with focused research. As a result, we are ideally positioned to react quickly to opportunity within the exciting and changing industry. Our software is built on a true passion for artists & music lovers to rate tracks.



Willem Bloem


Fabio van Dissel

Data analist

Bruno Ficq


Oleg Burca

Server administrator

Daria Chernenko

Front-end developer

Vasily Babiy


Ilya Sakovich

Back-end developer

Artem Korchunov

Front-end developer

Slava Korchunov

Back-end developer

Board of advisors

Peter Kloprogge


Thomas Brouwers


Taco Zimmerman